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Information and Tips On Limousine Rentals

A Night to Remember Limousines in Ocala, Florida, offers some advice and information on limousine rentals. We also explain our hourly car rates and how to get the most for your money with us.

Limousine Rental Risks

Most people wouldn't hire the cheapest surgeon or stay at the cheapest hotel, yet many shop for a limousine service in this fashion. The biggest mistake you can make when looking to hire a limousine service is basing your decision solely on the best price. Here are a few risks you take when looking at cost over quality when renting a limousine:

  • Limousine Driver Does Not Show Up
  • Limousine Driver Is Late
  • Chauffer Has Bad Hygiene and Inappropriate Clothing
  • Driver Arrives In a Different Car Instead Of What You Ordered
  • Car Has a Broken Air Conditioner
  • Chauffer Exercises Poor Customer Service
  • Limousine Breaks Down On Freeway
  • Limousine Company Does Not Have Proper Insurance
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Limousine Rental Prices (EXAMPLE ONLY)

Limousine rental costs vary based on a variety of factors. These include day of week, time of year, type of car requested, and distance involved. Most limousine services also require a minimum number of hours booked because it is not economical for the company to book for just an hour. During high-demand times, such as winter formals and proms, hourly minimums can rise far above 6 hours. Here are hourly rate averages of the most commonly rented limousines and ground transportation. These figures are EXAMPLES ONLY and do not construe an offer to solicit for ground transportation:

  • Luxury Sedans (Up to Three Passengers): $75 - $95
  • Luxury SUV's (Up to Six Passengers): $120 - $150
  • Stretch Limousines (Up to Ten Passengers): $120 - $180
  • Sprinter Buses and Super Duty Limo Buses (Up to Twenty Passengers): $240 - $350


Each limousine service suggests a standard gratuity based on the total fare. Our average is from 15% to 20%. If your bill's total is $300, it's customary to tip the driver $45 to $60. Some companies include gratuity in their fare estimates, while others do not. In all fairness, gratuity should be left to the customer in the event service wasn't satisfactory. Most limousine chauffeurs earn their living by gratuities much like waiters do in fine dining establishments.